Solar Solutions

On-Grid/Grid-Tie Solar Solutions

Grid-Tie Solar Systems run in parallel with the main grid (WAPDA), reducing your electricity costs by up to 80% using Net-Metering. Grid-Tie Solar Systems can also be connected to a generator, reducing oil use by up to 50%. It is the most cost-effective solar solution since it allows customers to use their solar panels with network support. The network connection allows the system to function without the use of batteries, making it extremely cost-effective and dependable. Grid-tied solar systems have a maximum payback time of 4.5 years and are the greatest solar option for Pakistan's energy problem and rising electricity rates

This solution works with any device (yes, that includes mobile), in any environment. Print exactly the way you want and when you want, while eliminating print management barriers, improving workflows, and getting immediate ROI after installation. Three types of products offered based on three common scenarios:

Hybrid Solar Solutions

A hybrid solar panel system combines the best features of both off-grid and grid-tie solar panel systems. A power storage component in a hybrid solar system ensures uninterruptible power supply in the event of a power outage, as well as a battery backup option. This technology is suitable for off-grid locations, data centers, and remote places in Pakistan that experience prolonged power shedding. Reliable Energy installs high-quality solar inverters, solar panels, and batteries according to the load in a hybrid solar system. It can be used either with a network connection or with batteries, or both. It is classified as an off-grid solar system if it is just connected to the batteries. It will function as a grid-tie solar system if the connection is made solely with the grid. It will function as a hybrid system if both are connected.

Agriculture Solar Solutions

Many villages experienced power outages, which disrupted the agricultural system. We moan about power outages in cities, but numerous peasants manage to farm without electricity. We complains regarding power cuts in cities, however several villagers make do agriculture without any power. For the agriculture sector in Pakistan, we offer the best ideas for providing Sustainable Farming through Agricultural Solar Solutions. Agricultural Solar Solutions are a one-time investment in your life that will provide you with a lifetime supply of clean energy water without causing damage to your agricultural land.

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