Cloud Computing

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

HCI is a software-defined, unified system that incorporates all of the components of a traditional data center, including storage, computing, networking, security and management. Allowing all of these features to be integrated into a single tier of commodity hardware (x86 server). The foundation of all these are Server Virtualization, Storage Virtualization and Network Virtualization. On top of that we have NFV (Network Function Virtualization) integration including all our network applications such as Next Generation Firewall (NGAF) Inter Access Gateway (IAG) /WAN Optimization (WANO).

Highlights of HCI Solution

Storage Virtualization


High Availability

Integrated Backup and Recovery

Ultra-Simplified Operation

Reduced TCO & Pay as You Grow

High Performance

Best NFV Integration

What is hyperconverged software? Hyperconverged software is a unified system of data storage. As opposed to a traditional system, hyperconverged software combines storage, computing, networking, and management all under one roof.

What can you do with hyperconverged system? Hyperconverged systems can build your own private cloud, extend to a public cloud & achieve a true hybrid cloud

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Hardware damage, system failure, and time-consuming software updates are all prevalent difficulties in the IT mode where traditional PCs are utilized for office work, resulting in a significant management effort and expensive IT operation and maintenance costs. In addition to the cost, work from home or any remote place has become common since 2020 after the pandemic broke out, and accessing organizational data by the employees through the remote secure network has become a challenge. The Virtual Desktop solution helps out to meet these challenges effectively and has become a popular demand by organizations.

To quickly construct a virtual desktop platform, VDI simply requires two components: a Thin-Client (cloud terminal) and a VDS Server. A one-stop desktop cloud solution can effectively improve deployment efficiency, simplify the workload of desktop operation and maintenance while ensuring information security and realizing the smoothness of mobile office.

Solution Scenarios

Students Computer Lab


Work from Home


Production Line




Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud computing service that allows users to access virtual apps and desktops from any device. The popularity of DaaS is increasing steadily on a global scale with a compound annual growth rate of 58.8%. As a technology partner we can improve business's efficiency, lower expenses, and increase security for you through DaaS solution. As a DaaS provider, we handle storing user data, as well as upgrades for the service and supported applications. Since we already managed upfront expenses, end user are solely responsible for the low monthly costs of the service.

Additionally, users that are solely office-based can be transitioned to zero clients, which have no local OS or storage and require less maintenance. Organizations can also implement a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, in which employees are expected to access corporate services using personal hardware, which is especially beneficial in the age of remote working.

Helights of DaaS Solution

Secure and Compliant Cloud-Based Workroom.
All the security and compliance capabilities your hybrid workforce needs in a cloud-based environment, also known as a “Workroom”. It creates a secure perimeter around your desktops, data and applications, and acts as a virtual extension of your private network, allowing users to remotely access important resources while in a controlled environment.

Protect Sensitive Data.
Keep data and intellectual property safe from breaches and abuse. Share files between virtual desktops to facilitate secure collaboration. Track who has accessed which files, and prevent any sensitive data from leaving the Workroom. Centrally manage all critical updates and security settings across desktops. No need to make manual changes or re-image desktops.

Easy to Audit.
Built-in auditing tools help you meet your industry’s compliance requirements and securely capture all activity within a desktop through recorded sessions. Provide the hard evidence for regulators to prove compliance and track everything that happens within a Workroom activity stream. Also keep track of who has access to what and for how long.

Instantly Provision & Scale With Ease and Flexibility.
As your workforce needs change, easily add or remove users without any added IT constraints or infrastructure costs. Meet any workload need, from standard office use to graphics-heavy computing. Both Windows and Linux virtual desktops available. ith Group Policy, you can centrally manage all critical updates and security settings across desktops. Built-in security and compliance controls protect against cybersecurity threats.

Reduce Cost and Complexity for IT Teams.
Scale desktop needs up and down without requiring a monthly minimum commitment. Eliminate the technical and logistical complexity of shipping laptops or building VDI infrastructure Use older, lower-performing devices to access fast, high-performing desktops in the cloud. No data resides on the physical device

Simple Desktop Provisioning and User Management .
With a web interface designed for business users, anyone can easily create and assign desktops. Provision new users in minutes. Add, update and manage all the applications your workers need to do their jobs in a secure App Vault. No third-party tools or custom imaging required. While VDI and traditional DaaS implementations require heavy investment and effort from IT, one to two people can manage enterprise-level deployments.

Backup as a Service

Backup any type of data on Local or International Cloud Platforms

Physical Servers

Backup Linux or Windows servers

Desktops and Mobiles

Backup all your machines whether they run Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Unbuntu, or Android and manage everything from one central console.

Virtual Machines

Agentless and Agent based backup of virtual machines on any of 6 different hypervisors (HyperV, VMware, Nutranix AHV, Oracle, Linux KVM, Xen Server, Redhat)

Cloud protection

Backup Microsoft Office 365 , Google GSuite, as well as your Microsoft Azure VMs, and you AWS Amazon EC2 workloads.


Backup Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, Active Directory, Oracle Database, and SAP HANA.


Backup your files and folders.


FTP backup

Enterprise Print Management

Are you looking for a permanent solution to your printing problems? You’ve come to the right place! we offers universal print management solutions that eliminate the common yet painful printer driver and 32-bit/64-bit compatibility issues that cause slow, non-existent, or crashed printer problems in Citrix, Microsoft RDS, or VMware VDI environments. Solve Citrix printing issues with our centralized management console. Easily assign printers within your Microsoft RDS or VMware virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) network. Troubleshoot RDP printing problems, optimize printing performance and eliminate driver and spooler service errors.

This solution works with any device (yes, that includes mobile), in any environment. Print exactly the way you want and when you want, while eliminating print management barriers, improving workflows, and getting immediate ROI after installation. Three types of products offered based on three common scenarios:

Essentials Drivers

  • This solution offer printing driver virtualization
  • Scanner Driver Virtualization
  • TMF® Page description Language
  • 12 months Support Contract

Professional Drivers

  • Everything included in Essentials
  • Centralized Admin Console
  • Print Server Printing
  • Server-Free Printing
  • Self Service & Map Manager


  • Everything included in Essentials and Professional
  • Mobile Printing
  • Cloud Connector
  • System Printing

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