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SONiC Solution for Open Platforms

We are now in a networking revolution by using open hardware with a choice of independent software to help networks and data centers to enjoy the benefits of freedom innovation and greater control of network management. Now the introduction of SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) brings significant benefits for modern networks and data center. SONiC is a modern network operating system which allows users to containerize the applications and connect them quickly across the network. It gives the users a common language to deploy applications on open hardware and operate each application independently without bringing the whole system down, thus resulting the much higher system availability and users can easily manage a verity of services. The SONiC Community is led by Microsoft and many key players, including Edgecore, to deliver a robust and proved software infrastructure to enable customer to build highly portable, scalable data center networks

Key features

Production quality distribution of the latest SONiC release

Open NOS platform benefiting from large of developers

ALL changes contributed back to the community

ALL changes contributed back to the community

Supports multiple merchant switching silicon platforms

Technical support provided by Edgecore for the full software stack drivers to applications

Single point of contact for both hardware and software support

Pica8 Open Networking Software Platform

Pica8 is the industry’s open networking software alternative to Cisco, Juniper and Arista for the enterprise. Pica8’s AmpCon™ Network Controller for centralized management and automation and PicOS® Software Switches for networking and security have successfully replaced Cisco DNA Center and Catalyst Switches and competing Juniper and Arista solutions for campus, data center and distributed site networks.

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